During this period of Covid-19 we are able to conduct funerals in St Mary’s with restrictions on the number of guests.  Our clergy team is willing to speak with and offer support to those organising funerals as well as being available to conduct funerals at here or at local crematorium.

If you would like a member of clergy to conduct a funeral, as a first point of contact, please either email or phone Rev’d John Whittaker (07906 759 326 or

At the end of human life a Christian funeral is the opportunity to pray for the person, to celebrate their life and to entrust him or her to God’s eternal care, as we seek to comfort one another in grief. All Christian funerals are different, reflecting the different personalities of those who have died, but all have this in common: they take place in the context of the Christian belief that death is not the end of life but rather a opportunity for a new beginning in the eternal love of God.

It is possible to arrange for a funeral to be held in the church or to arrange for a minister from the Parish to take a funeral at a crematorium where the person who has died, has a connection with Putney or the Church of St Mary’s and All Saints. Both Readers (who are trained and licensed lay-people) and clergy take funerals and will make time to work with the family and friends of the person who has died to ensure an appropriate  and sensitive funeral whether held at the crematorium or at church. To enquire about one of our team taking a funeral in the crematorium, please contact the Parish Office on: or call  0208 394 6061

To enquire about a service in the church or a reception after the service, contact the Verger and Premises Manager, Berni Griffiths on: 0r call: 07841 908 290.