Parish Action Charities


Our focus is to raise parish awareness in social issues relating to health, justice, poverty, education and refuge both locally and globally by providing a platform for event ideas that support our nominated charities both financially and in partnership by promoting their work. Selection of our charities is made in consultation with the congregation via a parish-wide survey every three years.  It has been agreed that the current charities will remain in place given the difficulties in fundraising in 2020.  Each chosen charity is assisted for a period of three consecutive years at which point they can tender for one further period of tenure alongside new suggestions. Charities where volunteering opportunities are possible are particularly encouraged because we are equally interested in our journey and community as well as the funds that we raise. We welcome the promotion of new charities within the parish and if anyone would like to propose a new charity that is close to their hearts please do let us know.

The Charities

The Parish Action committee has agreed to support the following charities for another year given the fact that it was difficult to fundraise in 2020 because of the situation with Covid-19.

Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call 2021 is supporting projects in the Diocese (Wandsworth Food Bank; St Matthew, Redhill Food Bank; Norwood & Brixton Food Bank; Together Southwark: Lunchbox Library; LewCAS) as well as others in our link Dioceses in Zimbabwe (initiatives supporting food security, water supplies, and infrastructure in our Link Dioceses of Central Zimbabwe, Matabeleland, Masvingo and Manicaland) and Jerusalem (supporting up to 50 vulnerable families to feed themselves).

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We all look a bit different these days – those hints of grey that have somehow appeared…..the shaggy locks you that you tell your friends are back in fashion.  But the good news is that because our routine has changed we’ve saved some extra cash – by not: 

  • going to the hairdresser  
  • watching sport at the pub 
  • throwing a party 
  • commuting into London every day 
  • buying a new outfit 

Here are some of the ways people in the parish have saved money during lockdown

Not everyone is in the same position – we all know of someone that is having a very tough time. That’s why we are asking you to give just a little of the money you’ve saved to those who could do with a helping hand in these difficult times, because we know there are families really struggling. 

 So show your true colours and share your lockdown savings by donating to the BISHOP OF SOUTHWARK’S LENT CALL  supporting handpicked charities in the Diocese of Southwark, Zimbabwe and Jerusalem. 

 To donate to the Parish fundraising page please click on this link:

Christian Aid works globally to eradicate poverty and provides practical and effective assistance to tackle the causes and effects of it. The charity works pre-emptively in areas identified as being in great need to try to avert emergencies but also reactively during traumatic times and offering longer term support and help to find solutions for the local people in the aftermath. Christian Aid believes in life before death and is part of a global movement for change. Our parish works together with churches of all denominations in Putney to support this charity with a door-to-door envelope drop. The events to promote this charity are the All Saints’ car wash, collection buckets at tube stations and our church schools and a very successful new initiative, a sponsored walk in central London. To read more about Christian Aid click here

Diocese of Southwark Parish Support Fund supports churches and communities in deprived areas of South London. This enables every parish to have clergy when they might not otherwise be able to finance them. The greatest proportion of money raised for this charity is through stewardship in our churches, but in 2019 Parish Action started a new initiative in The Boat Race Family Day which was designed to provide an oasis near the start line for families especially with small children to be able to enjoy the iconic sporting event in a relaxed environment. Big screens were installed in the church to watch the BBC live coverage alongside boat-race themed games and stalls to please all age groups. Although a seed event it proved very popular and is being continued and augmented along similar lines this year. For more information please click here

Glass Door is London’s largest emergency shelter and provides a safe, warm place to sleep for more than 100 homeless people per night every winter in local churches, including St Marys’ and other venues. Glass door also provides longer term assistance to help guests build more stable futures giving them time and space to develop relationships and trust. The charity promotes respect, dignity and the ethos that all people have value. The bonfire and firework display at All Saints’ and the annual sleep out on the streets of London provide funds for this cause. For more information please click here

For the last seven years the night shelter at St Marys has run every Monday night from November to Easter. However the Coronavirus restrictions currently in place mean that night shelters, as we know them, cannot now run.  We very much hope this situation will change, but in the mean time we have raised funds through the annual October Glassdoor Autumn sleep out (or in!) and it is also one of our Christmas charities for collections at the big services.

Regenerate is a local youth and community-based charity that fosters positive transformation in the lives of young people, 8-25 years, and their families. It supports people who may be experiencing financial hardship, behavioural or educational difficulties, unemployment, antisocial behaviour or being at risk of involvement with gangs and crime. The people who run this organisation are from within the Putney and Roehampton community that they are now supporting. Our dedicated event for this charity is the Christmas Fair which the young people help to run. This year, because we couldn’t hold the 2020 Christmas fair, a parish team of walkers (separately and socially distanced) walked from the Regenerate coffee cart in Putney to their other cart outside St Mary’s Battersea and back again. If you would like to sponsor the team please click here:
For more information on Regenerate please click here

Vulindlela Guardians is a charity based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and cares for the orphans of AIDS victims and children who have nobody to pay their school fees. The money we raise goes to pay their school fees and to finance a feeding scheme for the children at the Vulindlela Centre in Bulawayo. The Parish Picnic is the main additional event that supports this charity, but individuals may also sponsor an orphan via an online giving page through the parish website. The parish has been supporting this charity since 2007 and we encourage individual donations through our online giving page at

For more info, please see the website at:

Wandsworth Foodbank is within the Trussell Trust national network of foodbanks providing three-day packages of emergency food and support to local people, and assistance to resolve the underlying causes of their crisis. Foodbank also campaigns for structural change at a local and national level to help end hunger and poverty in the UK. Our parish has partnered directly with the foodbank in Tildesley Road. This year we started a scheme which makes shopping bags from the Edinburgh Fringe crowd barrier jackets that would otherwise go into landfill. The congregation can buy into the scheme for £5, then bring their groceries in to church in one bag and collect a replacement for the next month – this scheme is being trialled at All Saints’. Foodbank was chosen by the All Saints’ DCC as one of our Christmas charities this year, and through a link with Westminster Abbey Choir School we were also able to raise £300 in cash which converted to £570 worth of groceries when bought through our Booker cash and carry account. However, our main donation is through a collection of specifically requested groceries on the second Sunday of every month. This charity does not follow the tenure process but has been established as a permanent part of our parish outreach. For more information please click here

During this time of social distancing,  we are asking you to continue your support of Wandsworth Foodbank via their partner charity Bankuet – for more information please click here   If you’d like to volunteer to help sort food at the new premises (PC World/Curry’s site at Wandsworth Bridge) please send an email to

Fundraising and Finance

The 2019 total raised is significant with most events raising more than their equivalent in previous years. Grateful thanks to everyone for helping with our practice-based mission.

What you can do

We hope you all will learn about the organisations we support and the issues they face by giving your time, skills and practical support to volunteer.
  • Assist with raising money and donations in kind to support our chosen organizations
  • Give time to the organisations- they all need volunteers, skills and practical support
  • Link us up with what you do at school, Sunday school, work or home to make sure we have maximum impact

If you would like to volunteer please contact Parish Action Chair, Rosie Taylor-Davies, via the Parish Office