Admission to Communion

Our Admission Before Confirmation course for children in Year 3 and above.  

Guidelines for the admission of children to Holy Communion.

In the Parish of Putney we take the spirituality of children seriously, and we want to give them opportunities to grow in their relationship with God and take their place as full members of our worshipping community. One way that children can enter more fully into our worship is by starting to receiving communion, which can happen from the age of seven after a short course of preparation.

Faith is nurtured in the home, and so we ask parents or guardians to attend the course as well, sometimes joining in activities with the children, and sometimes taking part in separate discussions. This will enable you to support your child as they are admitted to communion, and might also help you to think through some of your own questions about faith. If your child is seven years old or over and is looking to take the next step in their journey of faith, you are warmly invited to bring them to our communion preparation course.

The next Admission to Holy Communion course starts on Sunday 12th December 4.00 pm with an information session at All Saints’.  The full sessions start on Sunday 9th January and run until Sunday 30th January. All sessions are at St Mary’s except 16th January (which is at All Saints’), with the actual service taking place on Sunday 6th February at St Mary’s. 

If you would like more information and/or to sign up please contact Antonia at St Mary’s (