Giving to the Church

Funding Programme 2023

In March we wrote to many of you to ask for your support of the funding programme at St Mary’s.

A massive thank you to all of you who have responded with generosity.

If you haven’t yet responded or heard about this please do read on to see how you can be part of supporting St Mary’s in 2023 and beyond!

As you are aware, the last few years have been difficult and now, particularly with the energy crisis, times are challenging. Our energy cost of £33,000 for 2023 is £24,000 higher than in 2020.

We thank God for the church’s activities and the reassuring presence of our historic building. This relies on the church being staffed, cleaned, made ready, heated and lit. The cost of this has risen substantially and, even with the donations many of you have been able to make, we need committed regular giving to increase by £19,000 in the current year to ensure we have income to match the £329,000 cost of running St Mary’s this year.

Our plan for the future is to maintain St Mary’s as a vital part of the lives of people we know and those in our wider community who need our support. We don’t want to stand still and we have a responsibility to look at how we can use the church’s facilities and volunteers in new creative ways. We are renewing our focus on reaching out to children and teenagers, where we all grow together in faith and service. We are keen to ensure that we keep developing our strong music enhanced worship – including adult and children’s choirs and the wonderful organ music for our services.

St Mary’s Giving details the 6 steps for us to meet this challenge!

180 of us already give in a regular committed way and are currently contributing £183,000. If as many of us as possible can increase our giving by the current rate of inflation of 10% that would break the back of the increase needed. Some will not be able to increase this much and each year some stop giving, generally when leaving Putney.

And so we also need at least 20 new households to set up regular giving. Some may start at £20-£40 per month, others around the £63 average and others at many hundreds of pounds a month! We invite your giving to be affordable, realistic and generous.

Our giving reflects our thankfulness for the generosity of God’s blessings in our lives. Any increase or new regular donation will be hugely appreciated, whatever the amount. Please do take the time to consider the appeal and your personal giving to St Mary’s.  St Mary’s Giving is about why we want to support St Mary’s financially and below is the detail about how we go about starting or increasing our giving. If you have any questions regarding the way we raise and spend money or how you can give, please contact us.

Thank you so much for being part of the St Mary’s Church community and for all the support you offer – your time, talents and donations.

CLICK HERE for a video message from our Team Rector, John Whittaker, about giving which we hope you will find useful.

At any point you would like to make an enquiry or talk about this, please do either contact our Parish Treasurer Richard Holman at or our Team Rector, Rev’d John Whittaker at

If you would like to become a regular giving please click here

If you would like to make a one-off payment please use the following form:

Gift Aid Declaration Form with notes – should be completed to accompany any one off payment to enable the church to reclaim any tax from the government.

Or you can use this QR code (please note that once your smartphone takes you to the webpage, there is a drop down arrow so you can specify where you would like your payment to go):