Giving to the Church

Why we give

Funding programme

Thanks to financial generosity, St Mary’s is an active building for prayer and worship and a hub for the community, seven days a week. In January 2022 we launched a Funding programme to provide information and invite us all to consider our financial support of St Mary’s church.

Christian belief

All that we are and all that we have comes from the goodness and love of God. Christianity invites us all to respond with thankfulness, giving of our gifts, time and money to the work of God’s church and the support of others in need. We are called to be thankful, realistic and generous in our giving.

At Epiphany time, we celebrate the generous giving of the Magi in their gifts presented to the new born Christ. We pray for grace that we too can offer generous giving to the life of Christ’s church.

Why is this important?

The costs we incur to carry out the work we believe God calls us to are substantial. Regular revenue of about £14,000 per year has been lost due to church members leaving London during the last 18 months of pandemic. Our costs include resourced work amongst children and their families, a first-class music team and pioneer ministry looking for new ways of connecting and building church community.

We need to ask everyone involved in the life of St Mary’s church to consider their giving.

What next?

We find joy, growth in faith and opportunities to serve in the many ways we volunteer and take part in the life of the church. Alongside this, we are all called to play our part in contributing to the costs of running a church and offer the mission and ministry we believe God calls us to. We would like us all to reflect on the amount of money we regularly give to our church.

CLICK HERE for a video message from our Team Rector, John Whittaker, about giving which we hope you will find useful.

At any point you would like to make an enquiry or talk about this, please do either contact our Parish Treasurer Richard Holman at or our Team Rector, Rev’d John Whittaker at

If you would like to become a regular giving please click here

If you would like to make a one-off payment please use the following form:

Gift Aid Declaration Form with notes – should be completed to accompany any one off payment to enable the church to reclaim any tax from the government.

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