Cafe Theology. Think About It.

Cafe Theology in the Pantry. Think about it.

Theology in the Pantry has re-branded to Café Theology to have a wider appeal and to be more explicit about what we are, along the lines of Cafe Scientifique.
The venue is the same: Putney Pantry, St Mary’s Church, High St, SW15 1SN.  You can also join by zoom:

Meeting ID: 870 6155 1887
Passcode: 653907

Meetings begin with a short talk over a glass of wine to get the discussion going. Let us know if you would like to suggest a topic. 

Join the discussion, over a glass of wine, at Putney Pantry, St Mary’s Church on Monday evenings at 8pm and occasional Wednesday afternoons.

Monday 26th Septemberno meeting 
Monday 3rd October, 8pmIntroduction to Humanism withConnaire Kensit, a lifelong member of Humanists UK and The National Secular Society.
Monday 10th October, 8pmDigital Christianity. How smartphones and social media have changed who we are and how we practice religion. 
Monday 17th OctoberNo meeting   
Monday 24th October, 8pm:  Sacred Spaces. Garden of Gethsemone, Eden, churches, mountain tops, sacred directions, the altar facing East. We invest special meaning to certain places and buildings, but what exactly is that?
Monday 31st October, 8pm:  The Book of Revelation.  The last book of the Bible is so bizarre it is embarassing to many Christians. The coming Apocalypse has spawned the Rapture and Left Behind movements. How should Revelation be understood?
Monday 7th November, 8pm: Satan. The idea of Satan as a real creature was important to the preaching of Jesus and to the writers of the New Testament. But who today believes in Satan? Is there a supreme evil pitted against God, the fallen angel at work in the world.
Please contact Jenifer to be added to the communication list: 07772 512907 or by email