Cafe Theology. Think About It.

Cafe Theology in the Pantry. Think about it.

Join the discussion, over a glass of wine, at Putney Pantry, St Mary’s Church on Monday evenings at 8pm.

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3rd June, The Cruelty of the Father to the Son. If God is love, why did Christ have to die a cruel death as an atonement for our sins? Paul Donnelly will ask what sort of a God demands such a sacrifice, theAztec gods perhaps but not the God who is love. 

10th June, Pride. For Christians, pride is a deadly sin, the ‘complete anti-God state of mind’ according to CS Lewis. Yet contemporary culture sees pride as a virtue and key to emotional maturity and self-actualisation. Which is it?

24th June, The History of the term ‘Palestine’, led by Paul Donnelly. What constitutes Palestine is massively contested. But what is the origin of this term? It is clearly Biblical, but how has it been used in recent centuries?  

1st July, New Atheism is Dead, what is the new new Atheism? Richard Dawkins once said ‘faith is one of the world’s great evils, like smallpox but harder to eradicate’. Now he says he is a cultural Christian. The hardline militant, vitriolic new atheist movement is on the wane, and has given way to more polite, more subtle forms of atheism, which we will examine.

8th July,  Blasphemy Law   The last prosecution under this law was in 1977 for a gay poem which mocked Christ. It is now off the statute book, but is blasphemy once again a crime under the guise of ‘hate speech’ ?