The Bishop Designate of Kingston

The Bishop Designate of Kingston

Martin Gainsborough will be consecrated Bishop on 2nd February at Canterbury Cathedral. If you would like to know more about him please click on this link:

As he prepares for this next stage we offer this prayer:

On the appointment of the new Bishop of Kingston, Martin Gainsborough, we offer this prayer:

Loving living God

We thank you for the appointment

of your servant, Martin Gainsborough,

as bishop designate of Kingston.

May your Holy Spirit give him

your gifts of wisdom and strength,

gentleness and compassion,

as he prepares to take up his role as our pastor and teacher.

As Bishop designate Martin gets ready to make his home among us, may we welcome him joyfully into our Diocesan community,

and together bear witness to Christ

and the building up of your kingdom.

We ask this through your Son Jesus Christ,