Soul, Sound and Spirit, 4th December

Neil and Nicolas from The Gong Room are bringing a whole day of well-being and relaxation to The Arch at St Mary’s on Sunday 4th December. You are invited to participate in any of the below events as a single event or participate in them all and make a whole day commitment to your well-being.  

The day will commence at 12pm with a 2-hour workshop, teaching and experiencing how drums, sound, colour and crystals can be used to balance energy, ease stress and bring about relaxation and well-being. The cost for this session will be £30. Please email for booking.

At 3pm there will be a cacao circle, this is a 3-hour group event in which pure chocolate is used to bring joy and delight to the body, mind and spirit. During this circle time, there will be a guided meditation in which you will connect with your inner guides for inspiration and clarity. Breathwork will bring about a profound connection to the body and give you chance to feel what it is your body needs to release and restore. Following this, there will be a sound relaxation allowing you to drift into sonic bliss to contemplate and integrate the connections and changes brought about during the circle time. The cost for this session will be £40. Please email for booking. 

At 6.30pm there will be a 90-minute sound healing session which is a session for deep and still relaxation, you will be invited to simply lie back, relax and allow the gentle sounds of gongs, drums and himalayan singing bowls to carry you to shores of peace and tranquility. The cost for this session will be £25. Please email for booking.

You can also take part in all of the above events for £75. You are welcome to make any enquiries about the day via email or by messaging Neil on 07543268926. You can also take a look at photos of previous events on instagram at the_soul_sound_spirit.