Repair Cafe, 11th June, 10am-12 noon

We are next hosting a Repair Cafe at St Mary’s on Saturday (11th June), between 10am – 12 noon. Future Repair Cafe sessions are on the second Saturday of each month.

These days we are becoming more conscious of trying to reduce our waste items that go to rubbish tips and we try, wherever possible, to recycle.  There are times, however, when many any household items get thrown away when they can easily be repaired if you have the know how.  This is where this pilot scheme comes in!

During the session, our handy repair team will try to fix repairs for small electrical items, sewing machines and any small carpentry needs. We also have steamstresses for clothing repairs  No need to make an appointment, just turn up! If you would like to pre-register please click on this link

Donations welcome towards the upkeep of St Mary’s church.