Sunday School / Godly Play

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Music, bellringing

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Youth Confirmation Course

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Youth Group

Youth are the church of today as well as the future. Putney Parish has always been at the forefront of discussion and debate, as such we encourage all our memebers to ask teh big questions of life and dig deeper into their relationship with God. Our Youth Club is a well-attended mixed gender group of school years 5, 6, & 7 which meets on a monthly basis to tackle some of those questions, in a safe and respectful atmosphere, as well as meet friends, chill out and have fun, usually with popcorn and sometimes pizza! 

Create U – Musical Theatre Classes

Create U Musical Theatre classes: Monday 4:00pm in the Arch

Our sessions are designed to encourage uniqueness in a safe environment through the art of musical theatre. We not only focus on building performance skills, but also on nurturing self-worth and boosting confidence. We cover the three core disciplines of musical theatre – acting, singing and dancing.

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