Schools Admissions 2020

Church Schools’ Foundation Places

Many Church of England Secondary Schools and St Mary’s and All Saints’ schools in this parish, have admission criteria for the church foundation places. This criteria is looking for a meaningful relationship with a church. For our parish church schools priority is given to the three Putney Church of England Churches, St Mary’s, All Saints’ and St Margaret’s.

A description of a meaningful relationship with a church is found on school websites and is expressed both as regular worship (twice a month) and a meaningful contribution to the life of the church community such as singing in the choir, teaching in Sunday School or supporting governance and church activity. The period that this relationship is looked for is at least two years up to the date of submitting applications.

The Covid-19 lock-down meant it was unlawful to hold services in our church buildings and have activities running which people could contribute to. Whilst our parish held on-line services during this time, we have been told that:

In looking for satisfaction of admission criteria for 2021 and 2022 admissions, we can disregard the time during which church life and worship was substantially impaired by lock-down. We are viewing this as the period March to August 2020.

So please be re-assured that this period will not have an impact on your application for a foundation place.

From 1st September, the ‘involvement in church life’ criteria begins again and the following notes are designed to support you in your involvement:

1. Details of services being held , including provision for children, can be found on both parish church websites: at St Mary’s and All Saints’

2. In terms of making a meaningful contribution, it is clear that church life will remain different from pre lock-down. For example, no singing is allowed and so no choir operates. However, new opportunities have emerged to make a meaningful contributions, such as providing technical support for the streaming of services.

These links provide a list of different ways in which people can meaningfully engage with the life of the two churches:
or email Julie [email protected] for St Mary’s
or email Lottie [email protected] for All Saints’.

3. If you are interested in being involved in church life and would value a conversation about what your gifts, strengths and interests are and how they might fit in with volunteering opportunities:

At St Mary’s Church, please do email:

Rev’d John Whittaker at [email protected]
Nikki Cornfield at [email protected]  or
Rev’d Jono Haynes [email protected]

At All Saints’ Church please email:
Lottie Clarke, All Saints’ Administrator at [email protected]

4. Some of you may be directed by the NHS to self isolate into the Autumn term. If that is the case, please do contact Rev’d John Whittaker to discuss how we will manage that, but please be rest assured; those directed by the NHS to self isolate will not be penalised by the admissions criteria as a result.

We are very much holding you all in our prayers at this turbulent time and are committed to working with and supporting you to ensure that the Covid-19 disruptions do not hamper your being part of our church life and application for a church school foundation place.

God Bless