Theology In The Pub Autumn programme

 Theology In The Pub Autumn Term



15      Jane Morley (A member of St Mary’s Caritas congregation)
Bed Bugs: Why did God create bedbugs

22     Rev Dr Roger Shuff (Research historian. Author of Searching for the True Church: Brethren and Evangelicals in mid-20th century England)
Church history and our stories: the inspiration of Elizabeth’s principle of via media

29     Alex Lowe (a member of St Mary’s congregation who works at Google)
In God we trust. All others bring data? But how is our relationship with data changing and what are the implications?


05     Emily M. Howle (Pastoral Assistant at St Michael’s Priory and studying theology at Durham)
In the Ring: Some Reflections on Judgment in Robert Browning’s The Ring and the Book

12      “Red Rev” Steven Saxby (Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Cities of London and Westminster)
Was Jesus a socialist?

19      Revd John Whittaker (Team Rector at St Mary’s Putney)
Mental Health First Aid: the role of the church

26    Caroline Donne (Lay Reader at St Mary’s Putney)


03    Alex Fry (PhD Student in Theology and Religions at Durham University)
English evangelicals: Past, present and future

10    Tom Henderson (Doctoral researcher in political theory at Goldsmiths, University of London, looking at what psychoanalysis, theology and                  embodied experience can tell us about the fundamentally political character of our existence in the world.)
 Theology and the political

17    Christmas Dinner