Marcussen Organ

Marcussen Organ

Organ Our Marcussen organ boasts a modest, classical specification, ideal for the performance of Baroque music. It is designed on the Werk-Prinzip which, simply, encases each division of the organ in its own, roofed cabinet, which effectively projects the sound outward into the building.

It’s construction is of the very highest quality, visibly and tonally:-witness the fact that it has never had to be tuned since its installation, with the inevitable exception of the reed stops (Krumhorn & Fagot) which are designed to be easily adjusted by the organist! And it is a delight to play – though much less forgiving of the player’s imperfections than more romantic instruments.

Music By The Bridge 2016

Enjoy a relaxing evening of music and drinks as we welcome some of England’s best known Organists to St Mary’s Church

• 6th November – Christopher Bogon  (Stadtkirche Schopfheim)

• 20th November – Daniel Cook  (Westminster Abbey)

• 4th December – Peter Yardley-Jones  (The Swiss Church, London)

Concerts begin at 19:15, following the evening Caritas service, and run for approximately 45 minutes. Tickets cost £5 on the door

Putney Pantry will be open to serve drinks and food.
For further information please contact St Mary’s Parish Office