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The first mention of a church in Putney was in 1292, and later in the Register of Robert Winchelsea, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1302, when an ordination took place in the parish, but it is not certain exactly when a church was first built here.

The ancient parish of Putney once covered the area between the Thames to the north and Tibbet’s Corner (on Putney Heath) to the south. The westerly border started at Beverley Brook, the easterly one at Deodar Road. The parish was reduced in size by the creation of separate parishes at Roehampton (1845) and Putney Park (1932).

For many years, Putney was a peculiar of the See of Canterbury, the Archbishop being also Lord of the Manor. It transferred to the See of London in 1846, to Rochester in 1877 and has been in the Diocese of Southwark since 1905.


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