Supporting Our Church

God’s Generosity – Our Response – Supporting our Church

If you were at Church on Sunday 12th May you would have heard bible readings, prayers, preaching and hymns on giving and our request that you reflect on your regular planned giving to the church. To listen to Rev’d John’s sermon, please do click on this link  HERE

Why we give

All that we are and all that we have comes from the goodness and love of God. Christianity invites us all to respond with thankfulness giving of our gifts, time and money to the work of God’s church and the support of others in need. We are called to be generous, realistic and sacrificial in our giving.

Themes that will be covered over the next few weeks

Over the next few weeks, we ask that you carefully and prayerfully reflect on your committed regular giving to the church. To help you in this reflecting we will write to you about: ‘How our church centres on worship and prayer. Why our church building and community is so important. The role of our church in pastoral care and love. How our church teaches and nurtures children.’

Why is this important?

The costs we incur to carry out the work we believe God calls us to are substantial. They have recently increased with the appointment of a families minister to support all those working with our young people and children. We ask those not currently giving in a regular committed way to start and those already giving to consider increasing the amount.

How can I be involved?

We would like you to reflect on the amount of money you regularly give to our church and how you give. Regular monthly planned giving allows us to prepare for our shared future. If you don’t contribute monthly and are in a position to do so, please click on the link below to start a monthly subscription using our simple online form. CLICK HERE FOR OUR ONLINE FORM

If you, or your family, already contribute via standing order and are in a position to increase the amount you give each month, please adjust your standing order directly with your bank.