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Church Led Activities:

Breathing Space

Breathing space

 In a world full of stimulation, busyness and noise, we extend an open invitation to join us on Tuesday evenings at St Mary’s, in the words of Psalm 42, to Be Still and Know.  Meditation is an important part of Christian practice, largely lost in the West for many centuries.  In recent years there has been a growing interest in mindfulness and meditation in other traditions, so why not in our own?  Initiated two years ago by Ailsa Newby, this is an opportunity to learn to be still, to put aside for a short time each week all the cares and concerns of daily life, and to sit in silence in the presence of a loving God.  We do not promise the miraculous but over time you will notice a difference in your daily life if you are willing to give time to simply be present to God and to yourself.

We meet in the lovely candle lit Sanctuary at St Mary’s on Tuesday evenings from 9.30pm, we close the doors at 9.45pm when we begin the meditation, with a short prayer, 20 minutes silence and end at 10.15pm.  We take the silence home with us as we end our day.  Do join us for this very different prayer experience.  You would be most welcome.

If you have any queries please get in touch with the office:


Tel: 0208 394 6061


St Mary’s Adult Choir

St Mary’s Adult Choir sings every Sunday in term time at either the 10am service or 6pm Caritas in the evening as well as at special services and events.  They practice for an hour before the services and on Tuesday evenings and aim to enjoy making music together.

If you are interested in getting involved you can have an informal chat or audition with our Director of Music, Travis Baker, after service or arrange an appointment through the Parish Office:

Tel: 0208 394 6061


Harmonic Minors – St Mary’s junior choir

The Harmonic Minors sing for services from time to time and is made up of children from year 4 +, they practice on Tuesdays, 6.30-7.30pm during term times with older singers being prepared for ABRSM exams.

For enquiries about Harmonic Minors please email Katy Silverman, the Assistant Director of Music,

For term dates please click here:  Harmonic Minors – Term Dates



St Mary’s Toddler playgroup

The St Mary’s Playgroup meets every Tuesday during term-time between 9.45-11am at St Mary’s Church. The Playgroup is suitable for babies and toddlers and includes an interactive service followed by toys and singing.

Toddler Group

For further information email Julie in the office  or 0207 394 6061

Theology in the Pub


Come and tap into your faith

When: 8:00 pm on Monday

Where: The Bricklayer’s Arms (SW15 1DD)

This series will echo the Sermon Series of Inclusive Church across the Parish of Putney. We will read an article every week to deepen our understanding of the topic. All are welcomed to join our discussion. All materials are also free and can be accessed from the link: (or contact:

January 2019

28th   Does God Allow us to Eat Animals?
Clough, David (2005) Why do some people eat meat? Epworth Review 32(2): 32-40

February 2019

4th       Does God Care for the Elderly people?
Van Thanh Nguyen. (2010) Biblical Perspectives on Caring for the Aged and the Sick. New Theology Review 23: 4

11th       What is ‘Inclusive Church’?
Maddox, Randy L. (1986) Toward an Inclusive Theology: The Systematic Implications of the Feminist Critique. Christian Scholar’s Review                   16

18th       Is God Male?
Carr, Anne (1982). Is a Christian Feminist Theology Possible?. Theological Studies, 43(2), 279-297.

25th        Is God ‘Able’ to be ‘Disabled’?
Fast, Mary Schaefer (2011) A Theology of Disability: Living as a Theologian of the Cross. Journal of Religion, Disability & Health Volume                       15(4)

March 2019

4th          Does God Abandon the Poor?
Gutiérrez, Gustavo (1970) Notes for a theology of liberation. Theological Studies Volume 31(2)

11th         Is Mental Illness Caused by Sin?
Webb, Marcia (2012) Toward a Theology of Mental Illness. Journal of Religion, Disability & Health 16(1)

18th        Do we Believe in the Same God?
Ford, David (2006) An Interfaith Wisdom: Scriptural Reasoning Between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Modern Theology 22(3)

25th         Is God a White Racist?
Cone, James (2004) Theology’s Great Sin: Silence in the Face of White Supremacy. Black Theology: An International Journal 2(2)

April 2019

1st              Does God Stand with Foreigners?
Groody, Daniel (2009) Crossing the divide: Foundations of a theology of migration and refugees. Theological studies 70(3).

8th             Is God Queer?
Lowe, Mary (2009) Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Theologies: Origins, Contributions, and Challenges. Dialog Volume: 48(1)

15th            Let we Pray Together on Holy Week in All Saints Putney

22nd           Easter Special…

Godly Play

Imagine a peaceful, calm place where you are surrounded by objects and images both familiar and intriguing; a place where you know what is going to happen and are reassured, but also know there might be fresh surprises and new ways to see things; where there will be time for wondering, thinking, working with your own thoughts; where there will be no pressure to produce or perform, only to be open and ready. This is Godly Play. It is a way of exploring the stories from the Judao-Christian tradition by hearing a story using beautifully crafted objects; responding to the story with open questions and discussion; further exploration through a choice of art, quiet reflection, play, model building, writing, reading; concluding with a simple “feast” to promote sharing and community. Godly play has been influenced by the Montessori tradition of education. It is now an established and recognised method of teaching underpinned by academic research and used in churches and schools across the UK, Europe and the USA. It is integrated into the Parish of Putney Sunday Schools curriculum and children experience the room at least twice a term. The classroom is used by local schools to enhance their provision of RE and to help promote the Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social development of children required by the National Curriculum.


GODLY PLAY IN PUTNEY: St. Mary’s Church, Putney High street has a fully equipped Godly Play classroom which is available for:
• use by groups of children from schools and churches (up to 20 people).
• Groups or individuals who wish to see a demonstration of Godly Play.
• Insight days in to Godly Play method for teachers and FE students and teaching staff.
• INSET days
• Godly Play training

We can provide Godly Play trained teachers with a wide experience of working with children (CRB checked) to run your session.

For more details about Godly Play in Putney contact

For details about booking the room and hire costs contact: Berni Griffiths

For details about Godly Play in the UK:

What Am I Doing Here? 2018 series

Puzzled face

The 2018 What Am I Doing Here? series has now finished.
A few answers to this particular question from some of our parishioners……….


Steve Emerson – 14.10.17


Natasha Klukach – 22.10.17