St Mary’s and All Saints’ Church Putney Common, form the Parish of Putney Team Ministry, part of the Diocese of Southwark in the Church of England.

At St Mary’s we are a very mixed group of people. We are an inclusive church, welcoming all without exception, irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or church background.

What we share is a common desire to grow towards God. We understand God to be above all revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Together we seek to grow in faith, in understanding of God and in service of our fellow humanbeings, recognizing that they, like us, are made in the image and likeness of God.

We don’t of course always get it right! But we share the journey together through sharing encounter with God in the Eucharist and sharing in worship. You are most welcome to come along and see what you make of us.

The Church is open 7 days a week for personal prayer and reflection usually from 9 am to 6 pm. The Putney Pantry which is our cafe facility in the Brewer Building adjacent to the church is also open for breakfast, brunch and afternoon teas during this time.

PNG Putney Christmas Fair Logo

Christmas comes early to Putney in 2018!

This year Father Christmas will be making an early stop in SW15 to collect wish-list letters from Putney’s good little girls & boys.

Even Father Christmas must get organised as the festive season approaches and this year is no exception.  He’s taking a special trip out of his busy schedule to visit children in Putney at the Parish of Putney Christmas Bazaar on Saturday 24 November 2018 between 11am and 2pm.

Children can meet Father Christmas, receive a small gift, then write their wish-list in a letter and post it in Santa’s very own post box.  A couple of weeks later, a personalised reply will be sent to each and every child in the post.*

Everyone is welcome to come to this special event.  There will be plenty to do for all the family from our famous ‘hunt the turkey’ competition to traditional festive favourites such as a toy and bottle tombola, a special raffle, face painting, arts and crafts to buy and make, mulled wine and mince pies, lunchtime treats, tea and cakes.  New for 2018 is the ‘Putney Makes’ stall – unique hand-made gifts to buy from local artisans.  There will also be live music from local choirs and you can even buy your Christmas tree or wreath at the fair too!

All proceeds from the Bazaar will go to local charity REGENERATE.  They work with young people and families in Roehampton and estates across London, helping transform lives and communities, from the inside out.  Find out more at

Admission is £2 for adults and free for children.  *A small cost applies for games, activities and refreshments etc. inside the fair.

Parish of Putney Christmas Bazaar, St. Mary’s Church, Putney High Street (by Putney Bridge)

Saturday 24 November 2018, 11am – 2pm.

For further information please see: OR contact  07974 360 472

Let’s talk about the church heating….

This winter everyone would like a warm church however earlier this year the main pipes supplying the under floor heating at St Mary’s which are 35 years old have collapsed and need to be replaced This involves taking up and relaying a large area of flooring to get access and replace the corroded pipework.

This will cost around £30,000 and the repair must be completed during August, if the work is done during autumn or winter, there could be no heating in the church during the cold months this year.

Also; water is getting into the roof of the church in several places, the coping stones which cap the edging of the stonework on the roof have deteriorated and bits are breaking off and falling which  could become dangerous for people walking beside the church.

This work must also be done before winter makes the problem worse, we have a quote of £18,540 covering work to the roof and the coping stones.

We do have maintenance reserves but they are not sufficient to cover the £50,000 needed for the two main repairs.

We need to raise at least £30,000. If donations are made under Gift Aid the amount comes down to £24,000.

We must get both jobs done by late autumn, single donations received in the next three months will be very helpful and gifts by monthly standing order over 12 months will be most welcome: £50 per month over 12 months = £600 + Gift Aid = £750.

It’s hot now but let’s make sure St Mary’s stays warm this winter……….

Donations can be made to the Parish of Putney bank account:                                                                                            Account number: 50757470  Sort code 20.90.69                                                                                                          or please contact Richard Holman on:  07733 361336 or email Richard at:

Gift Aid donors who pay tax at 40% or 45% receive a tax rebate on their gift. £1,000 given by a 40% tax payer is worth £1,250 to us and the donor gets £250 of his gift back from HMRC. A 45% tax payer gets £312.50.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Putney Bridge - Henry Reichhold

How to get to St Mary’s Church, Putney……….

St Mary’s Church is next to the river at the southern end of Putney Bridge.
It is in a controlled parking zone, so we recommend you come by public transport.

Putney is very well-served by buses, tubes, and the rail network………..

By Bus:  Many bus routes go through Putney. Here are a few useful ones:

From Piccadilly Circus to Putney Common, take a number 22

From Hyde Park Corner to Putney High Street, take a number 14

From Oxford Street to Putney High Street, take a number 74.

Other routes include 220, 270, 424, 430, & 485 [stops outside of the church]

By Tube:  Take the District Line to Putney Bridge station on the Wimbledon branch, and then simply walk south over Putney Bridge, (5mins walk) or to East Putney station and walk west along the Upper Richmond Road and then north down Putney High Street to Putney Bridge (15mins walk).

By Rail:  Very frequent trains from London Waterloo, via Clapham Junction, to Putney Rail station. From Putney Rail station there are fairly frequent trains to Richmond, Hounslow and out towards Windsor. Walk north down Putney High Street (5mins walk).


We are committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  Our safeguarding officers are:

Isobel Vass (Adult Safeguarding Officer).  You can email her via this link:

Libbit Osborne (Child Safeguarding Officer).  You can email her via this link:

The Diocese safeguarding policies and procedures can be followed at this link:

We have a defibrillator [a machine that uses an electric current to stop any irregular and dangerous activity of the heart’s muscles] on site here in the Brewer Building on the wall next to the ‘pulpit display’ opposite the lift in the lobby to the Parish Office. Should you need to use it simply take it off the wall and open the lid, it will speak to you and give very clear and concise instruction for use from there.

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You can follow us @PutneyPilgrim. The current theme is thankfulness, if you would like to contribute to taking care of the account for a week with your own ‘week of thankfulness’ please email:

Hearing LoopSt Mary’s Church now has a hearing loop available for the back of the front stalls in front of the Altar on the ground floor and also for the pews on the balcony upstairs, please set your hearing aids to the T position